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Parris Wellness is an acupuncture office located in the heart of New York City near Grand Central. As an acupuncture practice, Parris Wellness is scaling, it just moved into new office and was in the midst of rebranding. I was hired to create a new website for them to exhibit the office as well as give clients all the information they need regarding traditional Chinese medicine and Parris Wellness’s services. It was important to make the website responsive and mobile first. Integrating the ability to book online was crucial in order to drive more business.

After settling into the new office. I was tasked with creating an e-commerce store for it’s expansion into wellness products which had slightly different branding. I integrated a separate e-commerce website to display its products and helped launch Parris Wellness into it’s next phase of existence.


Parris Wellness is in the business of holistic medicine but it’s branding isn’t pushing a life style such as ‘yoga’ or ‘mindfulness’. Jenise Parris, the founder is a western medical practitioner that has learned Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has gained a loyal following through the years and was ready to expand. Acupuncture is eastern medicine, but Parris Wellness’s branding appeals to a western audience. It’s location is strategically in Midtown, New York City because its clients are generally working professionals. It had grown as a business and moved into a bigger office to keep up with it’s demand.

The Problems

1. New potential clients needed a list of all available services to figure out if acupuncture is right for them.

Potential clients can be in a frenzy to help themselves heal. (They may be  going into a WebMD rabbithole). The website had to help introduce the office and be able to help clients find out if acupuncture can help them. This can be an overload of information so it had to be easy to navigate.

2. The office was overwhelmed with phone calls to book appointments.

Parris Wellness needed to integrate online booking to keep up with its growth.

3. Due to the popularity of Jenise Parris’s formulated health and beauty products that she used in her office, there was a demand for her to sell them outside the office.

A parallel health and beauty product brand was established with slightly different branding to make it separate from the office. An e-commerce store had to be integrated.

Most common clients

Main Page

The hero of the website is  a video of the office. The point was to immediately introduce the office as well as to capture the attention of a new customer. For returning customers a call to action “Book Now” button is emphasized to immediately guide them to booking an appointment.


Site Map

With a lot of information and services everything had to be logically organized.

Shop Website

Since the two brands of the office and the product line are interrelated
the shop website was set up under a subdomain of “”