Ketheres Botanical Gardens

UX/UI Design

Ketheres Botanical Gardens was founded by a group of horticultural workers that worked in New York City before the COVID19 pandemic. Relocating upstate they decided to open a botanical garden for the study of horticulture and nature preservation. I was tasked with designing the identity, its applications as well as its digital assets. Their website is currently in development.


When initializing the exploration for the branding of Ketheres, I noticed that a lot of public botanical gardens are institutionally funded by huge philanthropic organizations starting back in the 20th century. Ketheres is unique in a way where it is founded by a group of horticultural workers as a cooperative relying on art grants and private donations. A lot of the founding members are older millennials that are seniors in their field. While brainstorming the branding, I knew there were a few things I didn’t want the branding to look like. I wanted to avoid anything that resembled a flower shop and I didn’t want it to look too conservative. I did have this image in my head that it would look like a contemporary version of what the NYC parks department would have looked like in the 1930s.

After many iterations I came up with a simplified flower.

Structured for different sizing applications

The full logo

The “Stamp”