Juno Vino

UX/UI Design

Juno Vino is a wine store that focuses on selling organic and top shelf wine in New York City. The owner of Juno Vino is a passionate sommelier that would like to share his love of better quality and interesting wines. Juno Vino not only wants to have a physical store but wants to focus on online sales with a delivery & pick up system. I was tasked with creating it’s identity and the UX/UI design for its website. Juno Vino is set to open in Queens, New York in fall of 2022.


Juno Vino is a B2C platform. Its goal is to create a strong online delivery and pick up system. Wine stores that offer better quality wines are usually small operations at first. They become very busy during weekends and holidays. Obviously that is not a bad quality to have as a business but it can strain streamlining service. Most customers generally are buying wine for a special occasion. With our busy lives its common to forget to buy wine and put its generally put off to the last minute. This is what causes everyone to do last minute shopping which can overwhelm a wine store.


1. Wine stores can become incredibly busy to the point where customer service suffers.

An online delivery/pick up system will be established with scheduled deliveries as an option.

2. Customer service in specialty wine means guiding the the customer through taste notes and food pairings.

The online store has to mimic the sommeliers guidance to pick the best wine suitable for the occasion.

Juno Vino wanted to fix this problem with creating an e-commerce store with a delivery and pick up system that is local. The online store is managed by the Juno Vino’s employees with reviews and suggestions.

Logotype and colors.

I decided to go with a serif typeface and altered it a bit to keep a traditional rustic feeling. I wanted the rest of the design to feel more contemporary and decided to use Proxima Nova for both web and other applications. I feel that Proxima Nova is a friendly looking san serif that is welcoming.

I wanted to create a sense of warmth with the colors. I wanted to avoid typical colors associated with wine such as dark greens, browns and burgundy. I sourced some colors that would come from a Mediterranean or Moroccan setting, especially since the owners came from that background.

UX / UI Design

Users are suggested to order with a Call to Action button immediately in the hero. Users can shop and check out choosing to create a profile if they want.

Exploring selections through food pairings is the main driving force in guiding customers into which wine would be perfect for their occassion.

Item Display

The display of the items gives the customer as much detail in choosing the right wine.

Country of Origin

Comments from an on staff sommelier

A taste spectrum

Three foods it would be best paired with

Product Exploration

Wines can easily be picked through different categories. The food pairings category is available to help pair the users meal of choice to a particular wine.

User Dashboard

The user dashboard allows you to look at your past orders with a date and time that allows you to know if it was a pick up or local delivery.