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Cornelius is a restaurant within Grand Central in New York City. Inspired by Gilded Age menus with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, Cornelius brings the Old Farm to a New Table at Grand Central Terminal. Paying homage to one of the era’s titans of industry and a driving force behind the construction of the Terminal, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Cornelius continues the tradition of high end dining at Grand Central with contemporary takes on traditional favorites and an extensive international wine list.


During Cornelius’ initiation, I was responsible for developing a website that centered around private event information and aiding users in locating Cornelius’ whereabouts. Situated within Grand Central Terminal, Cornelius can be found amidst a variety of dining options and shops. Navigating Grand Central can be challenging, adding complexity to the task. Given that Cornelius only possessed a logo initially, much of the UX/UI design I conceptualized became integral to its branding. Additional responsibilities included crafting their menu design and engaging in production tasks like digitally restoring historical photos for display on their walls.



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