City Winery

UI / UX Design
Graphic Design

City Winery is a chain of urban wineries and entertainment venues in the US, offering a unique experience that combines a winery, restaurant, and live music. They produce a diverse selection of wines on-site from grapes sourced across different wine regions, providing wine tastings and winemaking experiences. The venues feature a full-service restaurant with food that complements their wines. Alongside this, City Winery hosts live music performances, catering to a wide range of musical genres, making it a popular destination for wine enthusiasts and music lovers.


City Winery is incredibly high production design environment where shows and event design collateral is nonstop. Assets for all shows and products that City Winery provides had to be created on a weekly basis including digital design collateral and print design collateral.

I was tasked to spearhead the UX / UI Design of our new website which included transitioning into a new ticketing platform as well as our a new email marketing platform.

City Winery had become omnichannel where the customers data has crossed over with thier online and physical experience.

The Challenges

1. Creating templates of digital assets to ease production.

Within this high production environment I had to keep in mind on how to create a website where many different musical artist’s admats, and event’s graphics can fit without too much design editing to ease workload internally. This is a lot trickier than it seems, especially when each artist and client that you have has specifications and a range of differently sized shaped admats and graphics. On the backend, I was creating templates for designers to use for our new website and specifying exporting, naming conventions and more for best web practices.

2. The products that City Winery offers are vast.

There are many different sections to the products that City Winery offers. Shows, Events, Wine production, Wine Tastings, Private Events, Wine Club & More. All these events and products are housed within 13 different locations. That meant 13 separate websites that have to include details for each location and what they offer.

3. Giving the website and branding a facelift.

The website CMS that we were using and ticketing platform was stuck in the 2000’s. I had to make it contemporary, intuitive to navigate and ADA compliant.

Clean Up

For the Logo I wanted to get rid of the wooden texture and just use the lettering for the logotype which I believe works much more effectively.

City Winery’s primary color for branding is burgundy. Within the UI design I softened the feeling of the burgundy.  I wanted to take soft tones from wood, and make burgundy an action color.

Main Page

The mainpage is very tablet oriented that is modular in design. The intention is to be able to swipe through shows and scroll to see all the products and services we have. For certain sections there would be background videos to showcase certain features or special events.

Mobile Menu

The mobile menu allows users to swiftly go through all the main sections of our products and services. Reservations are emphasized as well as directly being able to view shows with CTA on the bottom.

‘See a show’ leads you to the concert calendar and ‘Dine with us’ leads you to reservations at the restauraunt.

Ticket Selection

Picking seats and add-ons for the unique venue options City Winery has to offer.

User Account Onboarding

Become a Member Page

Membership includes a membership for music and venue experience,
and a membership tier for Wine.

select design collateral created

(Type design and Art Direction by Nicolas Turek – Illustration by Ellie McIntyre)